The 2019 Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki special admin election was a special admin election on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW) that was held on June 18, 2019, with a second round occurring on June 24, 2019. Early voting for the first round of the election began on June 16, 2019, and early voting for the second round began on June 23, 2019. No candidate was able to reach the required majority of 55 electoral votes in the first round, with Roy25 and Prism55Writes finishing first and second respectively, and faced themselves in a runoff election on June 24, 2019. KingLucarius finished in third place, and did not qualify for the runoff. In the runoff, Roy25 reached the required 55 electoral votes and won the election.

This was the third election in HHW history, and the first election to be held normally with no interruptions. After the demotion of eldest administrator and candidate in the 2016 bureaucrat election MonseurRoussil1997 for lack of administrative participation and a poor activity on the wiki, the administrator spot he held remained vacant, and the winner will be promoted to administrator. The candidates were all three junior admins: Roy25, Prism55Writes, and KingLucarius. MonseurRoussil1997, who was a candidate in the 2016 election and whose demotion triggered the special election, announced on March 4, 2019, he would be running for his old admin spot, but he was declared ineligible.

The election is held with the HHW Electoral College from the previous election being maintained but updated to account for numerous changes in the HHW community. To win, a candidate would need to have 55 electoral votes out of 108 electoral votes, a majority.


Official candidates

  • Prism55Writes - Eldest Junior Administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (March 2018 - present); initially affiliated with the Keg Party, currently not affiliated with any party. Announced campaign on February 27, 2019.
  • Roy25 - Junior Administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (September 2018 - present); not affiliated with any party. Announced campaign on March 4, 2019.

Third in the first round

  • KingLucarius - Junior Administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (February 2019 - present); not affiliated with any party. Announced campaign on March 30, 2019. Conceded campaign on June 17, 2019, to Roy25 and Prism55Writes.

Ineligible to run

  • MonseurRoussil1997 - Former Eldest Administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (February 2016 - November 2018); announced campaign on March 4, 2019; declared ineligible to run on April 11, 2019.

Declined to run

  • GiedriusforCat5 - Rollback of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (January 2019 - present).



  • FM Cube (former), withdrew endorsement on April 9, 2018.
  • Harveycane (Harvey), former autopatroller of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (December 2017 - December 2018).[note 1]


  • HurricaneLaura (Cosmo), user of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (November 2017 under a different account - present).
  • WeatherWill (Will), rollback and chat moderator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (May 2019 - present)
  • Minecraft8369 (Steve), former administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki(January 2017 - June 2017)


  • GiedriusforCat5 (Giedrius), rollback of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (January 2019 - present).
  • TropicalStormChapsteck (Chap), administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (October 2017 - present).
  • HypotheticalHurricane (HH), a former junior administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (March 2016 - April 2016).
  • FM Cube (Cube), a user of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (January 2018 - present).
  • Nkechinyer (Dane), a former bureaucrat of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (September 2015 - February 2016).
  • TornadoGenius (TG), a former junior administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (September 2015).

Initial predictions

Bobnekaro, who conducted the Bob Nekaro Weather Center Model (BNWC model) during the last election, returned to conduct it during this election. On April 3, 2019, the first model was released, giving Roy a 51% chance of winning, Lucarius a 28% chance of winning, Prism a 10% chance of winning, and an 11% chance there would be no winner. StrawberryMaster, a bureaucrat of HHW, announced the creation of the Registering Inaccurate Gibberish Model (RIG model) the following day, giving Roy a 52% chance of winning, Lucarius a 26% chance of winning, Prism a 9% chance of winning, and a 13% chance there would be no winner. On April 11, 2019, the RIG model would say that Roy had a 48% chance of winning, with Lucarius at 30% and Prism at 9%, with a 13% chance there would be no winner.

Money Hurricane, an HHW bureaucrat, did polls during April 19-20, and it showed Roy with 51 electoral votes, Prism in second with 26 electoral votes, and Lucarius not far behind him with 23 electoral votes, a change from the previous polls. He also made polls for a second round between Prism and Roy. Roy led with 66 electoral votes with Prism behind at 36 electoral votes.

Polls afterward showed Roy with a significant lead against Prism and Lucarius, with him having the highest chance of winning, but not excluding the possibility of a second round. The second round polls typically showed Roy winning in landslides against Prism and Lucarius, but forecasted a close race in a Prism vs. Lucarius matchup.


Debates among candidates for the 2019 HHW special admin election
No. Date Time Chat Moderator(s) Participants
P1 May 18, 2019 9:00 p.m. EDT Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Elections Discord server StrawberryMaster


FM Cube,

Giedrius asking questions)

P2 June 22, 2019 6:45 p.m. EDT - 8:00 p.m. EDT Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Elections Discord server StrawberryMaster


Bobnekaro, MoneyHurricane,


asking questions)



May 18th debate

This is a redacted and lightly edited version of the second debate held on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Elections Discord server on May 18. Collapsible.

  • StrawberryMaster: Right now, we are going to have a great special debate between Roy25 and KingLucarius. Prism55Writes does not seem to be available at the moment. You can ask the candidates any question and they'll answer them. Be prepared, the debate is starting! To both candidates: if you are elected administrator, what will be your plan? (what do you want to bring to the wiki, any new suggestions, rules, etc.)

Prism55Writes would later join the debate stage.

  • KingLucarius: To SM’s question, my plan will be to work the hardest I am able to overall make the community better. Specifically, there isn’t too much I am intent on implementing especially given the current administration setup and how Administrators aren’t the executive body of the wiki per say.
  • Prism55Writes: My plan would be to increase the staff-user relationship, by introducing (or attempting to do so), policies that will help increase the impact ordinary users have on things that affect them. I already began this with several of the things I attempted to implement recently, and I intend on continuing this trend of user-staff communication. I will also try to find and bring attention some loopholes or possible loopholes in the rules, by suggesting improvements. And I will do my best to address some other problems I see, such as the topic of reaction images.
  • StrawberryMaster: Interesting, I see.
  • Roy25: If I am promoted to the administrator position, I will ensure that the wiki and the community is a safer, better, and overall, a fun place for users to hang out. In order for that to happen, users should follow the rules and respect the staff and other users. If there is a disruption in the flow of the chat among the users, I will step up when needed to ensure that this disruption is handled to the best of my ability and not cause more damage to the already-disruptive chat. At the moment, I don't have any exact plans due to the current stability of HHW, but like I said, should something happen where new enforcements/laws or anything like that is needed, I will ensure to bring about these as an admin.
  • StrawberryMaster: I have a few questions specifically for some candidates based on recent concerns. On alphabetical order, I'll start with Lucarius. Lucarius, some HHW administration members have been a bit concerned about your frequent neutrality during votes and decisions, and think you're too "indecisive" on key votes. What do you have to say about that?
  • KingLucarius: While some votes may come out indecisive on my part, it is because of similar reasoning to yours as far as your frequent opposition on things with all do respect. I like to analyze situations thoroughly, and it can be difficult to completely sway to either side of the voting spectrum especially in instances with significant evidences supporting and opposing things. However, I am working to try and gradually change this “habit” of mine.
  • StrawberryMaster: Hmm, I see. The next question goes to Prism. Prism, there have been some users who had said they do not believe you would be a good administrator based on your immaturity and your focus on "memes" instead of "enforcing rules". Do you have anything to say about that?
  • Prism55Writes: This is a good concern. I know that I may appear immature a lot of times, but I know when to be mature and when not to. This is evidenced many times during debates and other votes in #administration, and in cases of "crises" like vandals and similar events. I am usually "memey" and non-serious in general conversation, and because the most of the time HHW is not experiencing anything serious, it may appear as if I am never serious. In addition, I am working hard on improving my conduct on the server, as evidenced by me recently decreasing the amount of "random foreign words" and random events to follow the rules more closely, and to not disrupt chat as often. About the rules issue, I have enforced the rules many times. I do think that I should do it more thoroughly, and I am working on that and will continue doing. Besides, I don't think the Discord server is the only platform. There seems to be a large focus on the enforcing of the Discord rules, while the Wiki itself is somewhat "forgotten". During major events and instances of "drama", I often helped with problems like reverting and blocking vandals, or providing useful information about certain vandals (see: Mandroid/Yolo), in addition to ordinary staff duties like categorizing articles without categories. In conclusion, I think that I am improving in this regard, and will continue to do so, now that the main hurricane season begins and the off-season ends, plus with my renewed incentive to actually improve my conduct.
  • StrawberryMaster: Interesting response. In this case, my last question goes for Roy. Roy, there have been a few users who are concerned about you being too "strict" as a junior admin. Tell us what you have to say about it.
  • Roy25: Interesting question. I'm well aware that I am a bit strict, but I have my own reasoning for it. Usually the only times I'm strict is when users misbehave/breaking the rules. In my eyes, leniency is not in my dictionary. I feel that when we as staff members are too lenient to misbehaving users, these users generally aren't convinced by the reminders/warnings they may receive for us, and thus may lead to more violations of currently-placed rules later on. In comparison, being a bit strict when it comes to enforcing the rules is the better option in my opinion because then the users would actually get the message of the consequences of violation without "actual punishments" enforced upon them. Now does being strict always work? Not necessarily, but general, it works well with handling any situation than being lenient to the users.
  • StrawberryMaster: I see. Giedrius, you can ask your question now.
  • GiedriusForCat5: While this is not as important as the questions above, I do feel like this is still a rather important question. Or questions. 1. What are your qualifications as a higher level staff member, anywhere? 2. What are your qualifications as a staff member on Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki? 3. And most importantly, why are you running for the position of an administrator?
  • KingLucarius: I would like you to elaborate on the first 2 questions. Are you asking us what our qualifications are for staff members ?
  • Prism55Writes: Qualifications, as in higher rank or what I have achieved in terms of actually helping said wikis?
  • GiedriusForCat5: How long have you held the position and to what degree you helped the institution/organization/group/etc you held the position in?
  • KingLucarius: 1. I have held a staff member at the institutions of Hypothetical Events, Tornadoes, Tropical Trackers, Hurricane Chasers and Unbound Reality(Previously known as Tails of the Fairy Tail Wiki)as notable examples. HEW since Late 2018, HTW since April 2019, HC from July 2018 to it’s disbanding and TT since it’s formation as well as ToFT since April 2019. I have staffed these wikis/groups as either a Counter Vandalism Unit, Rollback or Administrator and Moderator. 2. I am obviously a Junior Administrator of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki and have been apart of the staff there since July 2018.

3. I am running for Administrator, to increase my ability to maintain stability and increase overall friendliness and prosperity in addition to equality as well as to make various improvements using logical thinking things of that nature.

  • Prism55Writes: 1. I have been an admin on the ExplodingTNT Wiki since mid-2016, but I am inactive there for some time now, around a year and a half. Because the wiki wasn't particularly large, I mostly reverted vandalism, and did general maintenance work. After that, I was an admin on the Mineplex Wiki. The wiki was slightly larger than the ExplodingTNT Wiki, and so it faced more issues and more vandals. I helped with that, along with adding many images and creating articles. I resigned from my position somewhere between 2017 and 2018. And finally, I am a bureaucrat on the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki since February 2018. During my tenure as a staff member, I reverted and blocked countless vandal accounts, along with acting as one of the main mediators and negotiators during the conflict surround the user EnderChas. I also did large quantities of maintenance work, such as clearing unneeded categories, closing and removing threads, and more. I remain a bureaucrat there, albeit somewhat less active. These are the three major ones. 2. I have been a junior admin on HHW since early 2018, if I recall correctly I got the rank in March. During my tenure as a junior admin, I helped with vandalism frequently during problems with Rara, Mandroid and others, by either reverting vandalism, or providing useful information. I also took part in the project of cleaning up categories back in 2018, and even though I faced some issues around that, I believe that my contributions to the category cleanup are noticeable. In addition, I suggested several proposals to help improve the wiki. This does not include my ordinary staff duties such as blocking, rule enforcing etc. 3. I think my reasoning and intentions were explained well in my initial reply to SM's general questions, but I will repeat briefly: I intend on improving the relationship between the staff and the community by giving the average users more say in issues that affect them, along with other reforms and changes I believe are for the good of the wiki.
  • GiedriusForCat5: Noted as well.
  • Roy25: 1) Since I joined Discord on early April 2018, I have been part of a couple of staff teams on a couple of servers, most notably for the users of HHW, in HHWD, TT and the former HC as well as smaller private servers. 2) On HHW, I have been a part of the HHW administration since mid-May 2018 (junior admin since September 28, 2018). Since I was apart of the team, I have helped the community against major disruptions, including dramas related to HT and his vandalism on the wiki, the raids on our discord by the said user, as well as from Rara, and perhaps the incident that I felt was the "leading" factor in ending this incident, the intense spamming/vandalism on the wiki from Yolo/Mandroid and around 20 of his accounts in a very short time frame sometime late at night my time on January 16, 2019. 3) I am running for the administrator position ship because I feel that I have the full capabilities to handle this position. As noted previously per reply to SM's question, I wanted to ensure that the entire community is a safer online community for tropical cyclone enthusiasts and other users to hang out and talk about the said topic as well as other non-related topics. This server is stable at the moment compared to the past with the work of me, the HHW team, and the entire community as a whole during disruptive events., and I feel like this community can grow even better with less problems in the near future.
  • TropicalStormChapsteck: This question is oriented in a slightly different direction: To all candidates: Is there anything major or particular that you think makes yourself a better candidate, and choice for administrator, than your opponents?
  • Prism55Writes: This is a very interesting question. I think that one of my strong sides is my experience as a staff member, on a community of similar size and activity as HHW. My time in said community has given me plenty of experience in leadership, helping mediate certain conflicts, and especially defending the interests of said community, as I did during the Chas conflicts. I think these skills can and will come into use as time goes on. Another upside is that I am often online at times when most other staff members aren't (with the exceptions of Gied and Farm), due to my geographic position. This allows me to be available for help during vandal attacks at odd times, or just to moderate in general.
  • KingLucarius: Well then, that is a very interesting question. I may not have as much experience as the other two here. I may not seem as mature as Roy or have Prism’s double sided personality of funny but serious when needed but I do think that I may bring a different way of looking at things. I am not afraid of sharing my thoughts on things and I look at things differently than others with logical thinking and analyzation. I am also in a somewhat weird timezone, which can allow me to be available(on variable occasions)when others aren’t. Also, I am usually always online during the daytime anyway for more than 5 hours a day most of the time. In addition, I also am very persistent when I cannot do something. An example being tracks, I tried several things to try to make tracks on my Chromebook for months. And I found a way to make it work after almost 4 months. This is the measures I will take to ensure this community remains vibrant, fun but stable.
  • Roy25: I have full respect to the two candidates and their view on me and HHW, but to answer your question, perhaps, my strongest ability is the deciding factors when it comes to administration voting. I take a deep look into the problem that lead to the vote, and speak out about my opinions. I do not hesitate to speak out against any clarification/views that I feel may not help the community and the users. Even when the decision that I oppose passes by a majority of the staff, I will on time to time, speak out about the problems that decision had caused to the community (the #venting channel as an example).
  • Bobnekaro: I have questions prepared, so as soon as the candidates answer Cube's questions, I'll be ready to post mine right away
  • FM Cube: To all candidates: Whoever becomes the new admin will have to be part of and manage the future of HHW. Since it has founded at a library by Sjmaven in 2010, the wiki has grown and prospered, especially during Hype's time as manager of the wiki. However, he will one day inevitably leave. So, to the question: Knowing that should you be elected as admin, you will be a step away from becoming a bureaucrat. So, do you plan to run for Bureaucrat, and what are your plans for the future of HHW?
  • KingLucarius: Well Cube, in the case of that happening it would depend on the scenario. For example, if people like Brick were still Senior Administrators at the time, i’d rather them be picked to be completely honest. However, if it was between less experienced Administrators of 2017-18 I would run yes. My plans for the wiki would just be going along with the flow. If something needs to be taken care of or improved upon, I would have it seen that it is deliberated and executed properly. If not, I would focus on enforcement and maintaining stability. So that is the extent of the question I can answer as the question is very situational.
  • Prism55Writes: It all depends on how my life goes on, really. It is inevitable that SM and Hype will one day leave. If I remain on the wiki for long enough then yes, I will possibly eventually reach the rank of bureaucrat. But I don't see that happening any time soon, and I will not push for it. I will sort of "go with the flow", see how the wiki progresses and work from there. My plans for the future of HHW are increased cooperation and understanding between staff and users, with rules that don't restrict the users too much, yet don't turn the server into an anarchy. As hurricanes continue becoming more and more powerful, slowly but surely, and their impacts keep increasing, this wiki will see additional users. I believe that this wiki might be one of those "eternal communities", or survive for a very long times, and hurricanes and tropical cyclones are an important topic at the moment and will only get more important in the future. I think it is our duty to prepare a solid foundation for future staff members, from which they can work on improving the wiki in the future, no matter how far the future goes, and I would work on helping that become true.
  • Money Hurricane: In the meantime, let's have a question from another member.
  • Roy25: That is a wild card for me, knowing that any one of us being the wiki's bureaucrat is a long time to come, especially if in a month or so, one of us will be promoted to administrator through the election. As for me, I am uncertain about my intentions of running for bureaucrat position (if there will be any elections for b-crats) especially with IRL obstacles on the way, like school. Should there is an open spot for bureaucrat, I will decide by then. My plans for HHW is pretty much what I've said before, work with the community and the administration to ensure the best of the wiki and the users are present as a whole for a long time. That's the general plan for me, more specific plans will depend on what the future holds for us.
  • Money Hurricane: Will ask some questions after Bob, and then, if the candidates want, we can have a great commercial break!
  • Bobnekaro: Ok, I will proceed with my first question if that's okay, then I will let someone else go. So my first question is for Roy: You have said on multiple occasions you might be retiring in 2020, and that you probably won't stay on the wiki for a very long time. Is this something you are sure you will do? Some of us are concerned you'll be like Darren and retire very shortly after being elected.
  • Roy25: The occasional times I have said about me retiring at the start of 2020 is merely a broad thought since I only factored what junior year of high school could hold. However, the chances of me actually retiring at 2020 is really low, and I doubt that I might actually retire by the start of 2020. But if I actually do retire (albeit very low chances) by 2020, I hope that I can take a more of a leading role to eliminate and prevent a major/minor problem that arises on this wiki as well as helping newer users of the community and maintaining the wiki policies to ensure my abilities as an admin is used to its full potential
  • FM Cube: My next question goes to Roy and to KL: Just over a year ago, both of you joined the wiki, and I feel as if this is a great achievement for you two being at this point after just a year. Few users achieve even surviving 6 months (I did not at first, but I returned). Given this information, I want both of you to reflect on reaching this milestone after only just over one year as an editor of the wiki. Also, did you believe that you would, or even could, make it this far at the time of you making your first edit?

At this point, KingLucarius had to leave, but the debate continued.

  • Roy25: Ever since I joined HHW, I actually had a thought that I won't last for 1-2 months since at the time, I was more focused on tracking the tropics rather than making hypothetical seasons. I think it was clear of my activity on the first month if you look at my earliest contributions, but eventually, it's me joining Discord that changed my overall activity on HHW. Overall, I felt that it was the combination of my tropical cyclone interests, the build-up of friendship bonds with many users of HHW, and my ability to enforce and maintain the rules and the wiki the 3 main reason why I'm here as a junior admin after over a year since I joined HHW.
  • FM Cube: My last question is for Prosm. It seems that although you have two sides, we haven't seen much of your administrative side lately. Even though there has not been much vandalism or otherwise, it seems to me that you have "lost your touch". Of the events stated above, the most recent one was a while ago in January (the Mandroid Scandal) , and since, I have seen you post foreign words in chat and random things, some of which have been very minor infractions. I want to be able to see you enforce the rules in order for you to be a reliable admin in my book (a request from me). Also, do you think you will be able to beat out the more reliable 2018 users, and if so, why?
  • Prism55Writes: Yes, I am aware that my conduct as an admin has not been the best since the Mandroid scandal. But during that time, I actually have done administrative things, especially in the #administration channel, related mostly to proposing new changes to the wiki, some of which will affect average users in the future. And as I stated earlier in a reply to someone, I am working on improving myself and will continue to do so. About the other users, I don't know. I think I have some unique qualities, and they have their unique qualities. I will let the people, the community, decide, just like intended. I believe that I could bring some possibly needed change to the staff team, and that my experience at being a staff member is also a plus.
  • Bobnekaro: This goes to Prism: Prism, there have been numerous times in the past where you were talking about depressing or sensitive subjects such as terrorist attacks and mass shootings. You seem to talk about these topics more often than hypothetical hurricanes or tropical cyclones in general. This is not a wiki or Discord server about terrorist attacks, and as admin, would you focus more on the wiki topic?
  • Prism55Writes: Of course I will. This trend of "random events" was mostly related to the off-season, which was pretty boring and I didn't have much to talk about tropics-wise. This is already changing, and I speak about these events less than I used to. I will also make sure to not fall into these pits in future off-seasons.

KingLucarius, however, later rejoined the debate and answered Cube's question.

  • KingLucarius: I had hoped I could keep editing there and maybe meet some new people when I first started on that fateful day of April 20, 2018. I never thought I would amass almost 4,000 edits, become a Junior Administrator and a candidate for Administrator as well as meet almost every HHW member active today. I am so very happy to have been apart of this wiki for the past year and I plan to for many years to come
  • StrawberryMaster: I will declare this debate over. It sure was great and wonderful and I would like to thank all of the candidates for coming. Good night, everyone.
  • Prism55Writes: Thank you for giving me (and us candidates) the opportunity to speak here and answer your questions.
  • StrawberryMaster: No worries! This debate was nearly 2 hours long!
  • KingLucarius: Thank you for having me, and I beg you a good rest if [sic] your day/night

June 21st debate

This is a redacted and lightly edited version of the second debate held on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Elections Discord server on June 21. Collapsible.

  • StrawberryMaster: I'm StrawberryMaster, and we're here again for the second election debate.
  • Prism55Writes: I'm excited to answer some more questions from the community. Good luck to Roy and to everyone involved.
  • Roy25: Thank you all for coming to the debate. I will wish Prosm good luck on the debates, and hope this runs smoothly!
  • MasterGarfield: I guess I will supply the first question. Prism, during your tenure as Junior Admin, I’ve noticed that you have created random roles and often post off-topic things in chat. Would you reduce these actions if you won the admin position, and would you increase your frequency on rule enforcement?
  • Prism55Writes: Definitely. The random roles concern is valid, but that hasn't happened often. For off-topic things, that was mostly related to the boredom of off-season and me increasingly finding "random ironic humor" funny, but as the season arrives I will significantly decrease this, and will not repeat this issue again in the upcoming offseason. I have already started, and I've decreased the number of "random" posts I make, chatting on-topic more frequently. And yes, I will increase my rule enforcement, and I already have, even if slightly.
  • MasterGarfield: Okay, thank you. If anyone else has a question, you can go now.
  • StrawberryMaster: Since Bob hasn't shown up or anyone else, I'll go in with a brief question here. To both candidates: what do you think of your opponent? For example, Roy, what do you think of Prism and how do you think he will do if elected? And vice versa.
  • Prism55Writes: I think Roy would do well as an admin. I may not agree with him on everything, but I have no doubts that he would make a good admin and a good addition to the higher administration team. He is strict, which can be contrasted with some other users, and thus "neutralized" into a somewhat more moderate position. Besides, strictness is not always bad, and can be useful in many circumstances, so it's good to have a staff member that knows when to stand their ground and be strict.
  • Roy25: Broadly speaking, I think Prosm is a decent candidate for the admin position. I know from experience on HHW when he can be serious about issues on the server and on the wiki, and while I'm not on the MCCW wiki, Prosm himself is a b-crat there for a while so I would assume he would have done a good job there. I am concerned about his tendency to post off-topic post consistently as mentioned on the previous question, but I do assure that Prosm may learn from his past "habit" if he gets the admin position.
  • StrawberryMaster: I see. If there is anyone else alive out there, they can ask some questions, too!
  • Cooper8866: This is a question for both of the candidates. Recently, some Hypothetical Hurricanes community members have expressed a desire for more public decisions, rather than administrative decisions, to be made. What are your opinions regarding this, and, if elected, would you advocate for your position?
  • StrawberryMaster: An interesting question.
  • Prism55Writes: I support more interaction with the general community, a position that I've reiterated multiple times. I was the one who suggested the idea for a community feedback system, and will continue to push for policies and rules that help the average users more.
  • Roy25: I do agree that us as an administration don't really look into the public's say into decisions. I do have some concerns about how much "power" that could give to the users, and I do fear some controversy may occur if the public agree on something that the administration doesn't. That doesn't mean I oppose having the public's say into decisions, but I would encourage a smooth collaboration and cooperation between the two parties to ensure things go smoothly in a time where decisions for the community happens.
  • StrawberryMaster: Alright, alright. Does anyone have more questions?
  • Money Hurricane: This is to both candidates: Some users have pointed out lately that the administration has become increasingly polarized and divided over the past year or so. What will you do to address in-fighting and disputes between administration members?
  • Prism55Writes: A very good question. The administration is polarized due to what appears to be "two different sides" that view the community and wiki in two different lights and have slightly differing viewpoints on how to handle issues. This causes increased arguments, drama and problems. Some solutions would include more joint brainstorming and idea-creating discussions around some topics to arrive at consensus. However, it's sometimes good to have "dissenting voices" in a diverse administration, as they can provide alternative viewpoints on topics and ideas. Disputes are unfortunately a natural part of a relatively large and diverse administration, and should be solved with civility and discussions around the central problems that result in said disputes. There is no real way to prevent disputes without censoring dissenting voices, so it's the best to solve any such thing with diplomacy and not escalating the drama. In case of any such dispute, this is the policy I would push: diplomacy, civility and finding a common solution.
  • Roy25: I cannot force every administration member to agree on one thing, but I can make steps to ensure any disputes gets resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible. I can encourage the users to pause any fuss and turn back the clock and revisit all the events that caused the drama. I will ensure each administration reflects on their opinions and any flaws that may have contributed to the dispute, and together, go step-by-step through each problem and resolve them with mutual agreements, and eventually and hopefully, may lead to a majority agreeing one one thing rather than clash among the users involved in the situation. I fully support peaceful cooperation among the community and would to the best of my ability, stay as far from the "violence" of the administration to ensure disputes happens less commonly than they are the past year.
  • Money Hurricane: I like both of you're responses, thank you. I have one more question and then I will yield the floor. To Prism: You were behind Roy by 22 electoral votes in the first round. How will you win the trust of users who voted for Lucarius and Roy to potentially, switch over to your side in the runoff, and what do you think makes you the better candidate?
  • Prism55Writes: Certainly a tough question. There are a few things that I think make me better in some ways than Roy: - My activity, according to what I can see, is higher than Roy's.

- My timezone and location allows me to moderate at times when most other users are offline due to sleep, which may come useful in the event of raids or trolls, and in general rule enforcing. - I have experience with settling disputes and implementing policies to defend my "home" wikis, experience gained from my time over at the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki as an Admin and later a Bureaucrat. - I have always pushed for pro-community policies, and will continue to do so as an admin. I am not afraid to say my thoughts out loud and suggest ideas.

  • Bobnekaro: Thank you for your response.
  • MoneyHurricane: Alright, thank you prism.
  • Cosmo: So I personally feel like many members of the administration 'hide' topics that they do not want people to talk about. I often find that some administrators attempt to stonewall discussion on these issues or convieniently bury the topics, or ordering a move to another channel where they often die. This hasn't really been as much of a problem in the last day or two with #feedback-and-suggestions, but I do feel like it is a problem, and I may be wrong about this so correct me if you are not stonewalling. How would you combat this issue if it isn't my insane mind seeing nonexistent conspiracies?
  • Roy25: I'm sure I barely saw any stonewalling committed by the administration, if any. If I'm correct, this is another way of saying "enforce the policies to even a small violation, to any violations committed in server". If so, I will have to say no matter the size of the violation, the staff members - not just me - have the right to enforce rules. Not enforcing them shows a negative image on a particular staff member, and the administration as a whole. This is true for stonewalling in general. Like I said, I barely, if any, saw any administration member stonewalling users, but in the event that were to happen, that particular administration member may face certain consequences depending on the administration's view, as those type of users weren't promoted to censor the lower-tier users, but the opposite: to help not just the lower-tiers, but the entire community as a whole. In my opinion, stonewalling is the very last thing any administration member could do for any reason.
  • Prism55Writes: I may be misunderstanding your question a bit. If you're talking about channel moves such as moving political discussion to #chat-2, where said discussion often dies due to disinterest - that is the rules. I may disagree with them, and I DO disagree with some of HHW's current rules - but they still need to be enforced. Moving a political discussion to chat-2 is not stonewalling, as the potential death of the discussion is an unintended consequence, not a feature. In addition, if you disagree with said rule, you can always suggest an alternative in the feedback/suggestions channel. Other than that, yes there are secrets, and some things are hidden from the public, but that is pretty normal for an administration - not everything can go public, as to not cause disorder or unwanted issues. If you are talking about the fact that many things are passed without the knowledge of the users, that is being combated right now, with the addition of the feedback/suggestions channel, partially introduced due to my suggestion of increasing staff-user communication a few weeks back, but with changes made by numerous staff members over time. You can actually suggest something right now, and it will probably be considered. Along with that, I also support the notion of a public polls channel, where staff would place polls about things like the way the wiki is run, opinions on new promotions/demotions/rules/changes, or even random questions. This would allow the staff to have extra insight into the community's opinions, which would positively influence the staff-user relationship in the long run.
  • Farm River: For ROY: I have one major concern for your adminship, which is your possible losing of interest before 2020, in which if it happened, you may lose track as an admin because of possible losing of interest and you also mentioned that you lose interest faster in anything other than subways. I heard you said that multiple times. How will you be able to counteract this challenge?
  • Roy25: That question has been said on the last debate, but nevertheless I will repeat my answer again. That was merely my broad thought as that is too far off into the future. The only factor I even considered was junior year of high school, which is widely considered the toughest year in high school. However, the chances of retirement is slim, as I can maintain the same active on one year of high school as any year of high school. If, by any means, that were to happen (again, a very, very low chance) I will almost certain to stay with the administration to continue helping the entire community through the same cooperation as my time as staff (again, only if I retire, which is slim). As for me losing interests, that is a wild card. The past year, my tropical cyclone interests decreased during the off-season, where no TCs formed in the ATL/EPAC. But I can ensure that that is not enough for me to leave HHW anytime soon, as I'm sure my interests will go back up into the peak of the season.
  • Bobnekaro: Also for Roy: What do you think makes you a more qualified candidate than Prism? You have less edits and have been JA for less time.
  • Farm River: Thanks for your response. That is only my major concern to you, and that clarifies things well.
  • Roy25: This seems to be a similar question previously said, but I will answer nevertheless. I believe I am a more qualified candidate for adminship than Prism mainly due to my maturity and tolerance. Prism in most cases posts off-topic posts in chat, and due to that consistency that past coupe of months, not many users (including me) see him enforce rules that much. While I do occasionally post off-topic posts every now and then, I have on many occasions stood up against any users violating the policies, and my "strictness"/"tolerance" has in a lot of cases, guide these users to rethink their actions and ensured to them they won't repeat the same mistakes. My current activity is pretty low (around once or two edits a week) mainly due to my finals (as I had mentioned in HHWD numerous amounts of times) but by the end of June and well into summer, my activity will increase. I have been a JA less time than Prism, but I don't take this as my obstacle. Quality over quantity. In my opinion, a more qualified JA who has been JA less time than another JA that is (not holding this against Prism, but in general) less qualified should be given admin rights, and this stance in my opinion, is true with any other rights.
  • Bobnekaro: Thank you for your response.
  • StrawberryMaster: Thank you everyone for coming, and we hope to see you soon during early voting on June 23 (full results on June 24.)
  • Prism55Writes: Thank you all for providing and asking your questions, they were interesting and often thought-provoking. May the best candidate win, no matter who it is.

Members of the HHW Electoral College

These are the members of the HHW Electoral College, as of June 18, 2019:

  • SM, Bob, Garfield, Hype, and MH: 8 electoral votes each (40)
  • Chap, Gary, Cooper, and Brick: 6 electoral votes each (24)
  • Lucarius, Prism, and Roy: 5 electoral votes each (15)
  • Giedrius and Will: 4 electoral votes each (8)
  • Caleb: 3 electoral votes (3)
  • Lucas, Sandy and Tuba: 2 electoral votes each (6)
  • Gary, Akio, Doug, Olo, Odile, Cube, SDT, Chris, and HH: 1 electoral vote each (9)
    • Harvey, Cosmo and Steve: 1 electoral vote each (3)[note 2]
    • Total: 108 electoral votes, 55 to win

First round results

Early voting opened on the evening of June 16. Initially, the electoral vote was close between Roy25 and Prism55Writes, but Roy25 took a commanding lead that evening and appeared to be headed for an outright victory. However, Roy25 did not gain many new votes on June 17, while Prism55Writes and KingLucarius saw significant gains. On 4:30 p.m. EDT on June 17, KingLucarius conceded the election after mathematically having no path to victory. The final results were released on June 18.

Election candidate Popular
Roy25 10.83 (36.72%) 53
Prism55Writes 9.33 (31.64%) 32
KingLucarius 9.33 (31.64%) 20
Total 29 108
Needed to win 55
2019 Special Admin (First Round) Election polls (electoral votes)





Second round results

Early voting opened on the evening of June 23, similar to the first round. Roy25 took an early lead, but as the votes were counted, his lead stared diminishing as more votes were counted for Prism55Writes. However, he maintained a significant lead. As the votes were slowly counted, Roy maintained a lead and at 11:29 AM EDT on June 24, he reached 55 electoral votes and was elected administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. Prism55Writes conceded shortly afterward.

Despite April polls showing a landslide victory for Roy, that was not the case, as Roy only barely reached the 55 electoral vote threshold needed to win with 57. Prism55Writes also significantly exceeded his April polls with 45 electoral votes.

Election candidate Popular
Roy25 14.5 (52.73%) 58
Prism55Writes 13 (47.27%) 45
Total TBA 108[note 3]
Needed to win 55
2019 Special Admin (second round) election polls (electoral votes)





  1. Harvey served as a chat moderator for 11 days from September 8 to September 14, 2018, as part of a brief chat moderator trial, but the trial failed.
  2. Harvey and Steve were given electoral votes due to their previous status as administration members on HHW, while Cosmo received 1 EV that previously belonged to Mario.
  3. Four electoral votes did not go to a specific candidate due to abstained electoral votes.
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