β€œ Its time for a better political party πŸ˜™ β€œ— The parties slogan

Bread & Butter Party


March 9, 2017
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The Bread & Butter Party sometimes called the cheese and cracker party or the butter and cracker party, is a hypothetical party that accommodates many belives that have had positive outcomes, in the history of wiki's such as Hypothetical Hurricanes, and other communities across wikia. The party accommodates conservative and liberal ideas which work hand and hand, thus the name, "Bread & Butter".


The party may have a vast majority of beliefs, but the basic beliefs are listed below.


  • Spamming is legal
  • Spamfests are legal
  • Spamming is allowed to last for any amount of time until two or more staff members want it to end.
  • No spamming on pages


  • Staff should be generally large, and all users should have the chance to be a staff member. This ensures that power is equally distributed by the users of the wikia.
  • Staff should accommodate the size of the wikia.
  • Inactive users should be demoted.
  • Blacklists are allowed.
  • The party believes that all users in a ranking should more or less be given the same power (all bureaucrats name duties, all admins, etc.). There may be an eldest admin/crat or leader of the wikia who has final say, but the majority of the wikia has more power. This balances out and keeps the leader, and the wikia at equal power.
  • Staff has the power to delete pages rollback edits, ban users, and make rules.


  • Users should be banned according to the offense.
  • Staff has the right to ban someone of infinite/indefinite if they feel it I'd appropriate.
  • It is ideal that ban be lengthened more than the one before it.

Edit Farming

  • Edit farming is legal
  • Excessive Edit farming (one word per edit) is discouraged as it can crash wikia activity.
  • Edits should not be reverted because they were edit farmed.


  • No profanity, except on private wiki's
  • Everyone who joins gets free bread, butter, and crackers
  • Tea for children of england
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