“ Your voice is important “— The parties slogan

Conservative Party
February 19, 2017
Former Members
DarrenDude, Sassmaster15, Nkechinyer
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The Conservative Party is a party of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. It was founded on February 19, 2017. The current chairman of the party is Brickcraft1. It has several open seats.

Brickcraft1 originally was a member of the Edit Farmers Union, before breaking off and becoming part of the short lived Permissive Party. He then went on the found the Truth and Justice Union, a largely unsuccessful party, that was disbanded on February 19, 2017, and he then founded this party.


The Conservative Party believes in a small administration, with each rank having more power over the other. However, everyone should have freedom


  • Spamming should be allowed on the chat, and on special forums.
  • Spam should NOT have a specific time limit. Only when most of the community agrees it is too much
  • A Spamfest should NOT be declared by an admin, but rather to let them spontaneously occur.


  • The administration should be limited, and the amount of admins and bureaucrats promoted should be minimal. This is so the administration doesn't have too many people in power. Promotions to these ranks should be uncommon, with only 1 occurring every 1-2 months, unless with special reason
  • While the full administration should have the final say, the bureaucrats have the absolute final say.
  • The administration is not to have supreme power over the users, and should let the community vote on important issues.
  • People that have the ranks below administrator should be a larger majority than the administration itself.


  • If a user breaks the rules of the wiki, depending on the offense, they shall either: A. Receive a Reminder. B. Receive a Warning. C. Receive a Ban. The administration shall determine the punishment given.
  • A user should not be banned for an action taken on another wiki, unless in special circumstances.
  • A user shall be given only ONE CHANCE if their infinite block is shortened. If they break the rules again, they should be blocked forever. 

Other Platforms

  • Profanity will not be tolerated unless the wikis rules permit.
  • Harassment of any sorts will be NOT tolerated on any wiki.
  • Sockpuppeting is not tolerated, and if you do so, you will lose your seat in this party.
  • Edit Farming is legal.
  • Debates, if respectful, are allowed. 

Executive Positions

President- Brickcraft1

Vice President- (Vacant)

Secretary- (Vacant)

Ambassador- (Vacant)

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