Continuum Party


September 26, 2016
PuffleXTREME, Hypercane, Bobnekaro, Chapsteck4yurlipis
Former members
SpcardozoComesBack, Hurricane162, Hurricane news, SM

“ More safe. More secure. More fun. “— The party's official slogan. [1]
The Continuum Party of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is a political party of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW). It was founded on September 26, 2015. It was founded by PuffleXTREME (later known as PuffleReturns).

The party currently has 4 seats as of May 30, 2016.


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Common beliefs of the Continuum Party include:

  • Anyone who is very rude or disrespectful to another user will receive 3 warnings, and the 4th time, they will immediately receive a 24-hour block. If it happens again, 72-hour block.
  • The spam line is enforced in all discord channels except for spam-in-general.
  • Do not edit farm.
  • If someone asks to join a collab, don't leave them out. Either start a new collab with that said user, or give them a trial. They will be able collab you are working on, but if they mess up anything in the first 24 hours, kick 'em out. If they don't, let them stay.


  1. The Continuum Party's official website, hosted at Weebly.
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