“ This wiki does NOT revolve around Douglas, Douglas, Douglas. “CycloneNkechinyer, Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki

The Douglas incident was an incident that happened on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, between one of the bureaucrats at that time, Hurricane news, and a former leader, HurricaneMonster (which would eventually be known as CycloneNkechinyer/Nkechinyer). Labeled as a "3-day war", it was one of the most deadly conflicts in the story of the wiki, with 5 casualties, including Hurricane news himself, SpcardozoComesBack, Hurricane162, EF5tornado and Dwight Dragon Tamer - all of them members of "the underage squad".

Antebellum (September 7 to 25)

On September 7, HHW admins Hurricane news (Douglas) and PuffleXTREME (Alan) were promoted to bureaucrat status after successful requests for bureaucratship. Two days later, a new HHW chat mod by the name of CycloneNkechinyer asked current bureaucrat HypercaneTeen about Hurricane news, a user that was underage. Simultaneously, several new major HHW users joined during this time, including Bobnekaro, StrawberryMaster, and Emmaelise401, the latter two of which would play major roles in the Douglas incident.

Doug Argument (September 25)

An user by the name of HurricaneOdile (Odile; which would eventually become MonseurRoussil1997) decided to create an hurricane season. On the season, he decided to retire the name "Doug". Hurricane news felt insulted, and did a personal attack on him. Then, and argument started between him and CycloneNkechiyner. During the argument, he threatened that he was going to "slay" CycloneNkechiner and Hypercane, the oldest bureaucrat at that time.

Quieter Day (September 26)

The following day, after the intensely heated argument, was mainly quiet. No notable contributions were made during this day, other than the wiki users working on their seasons and collabs.

The Banning (September 27-28)

CycloneNkechinyer then created an plan to force Douglas to demote himself, with the help of other users, such as Emmaelise401, AustinD-3, Hypercane, StrawberryMaster and Mikiu Hatsune (an user who joined on a minor conflict that happened between Max-champ and Hurricane news).

Later Incidents

The Douglas incident had other major and minor follow-ups, such as:

  • The "DougMom case", in which an agreement was made about Douglas' block (in which his mother known as "DougMom" by the HHW administration, was supposed to join HHW chat and discuss his block with the HHW users, which never happened).
  • the "PvZCC attacks", in which a Douglas sockpuppet was discovered in the Plants vs. Zombie Character Creator Wiki twice (first by StrawberryMaster, then weeks later, by the whole wiki).


  • It is disputed about which user made Douglas demote himself - PuffleXTREME or CycloneNkechinyer.
    • PuffleXTREME (PuffleReturns) claims that since Douglas considered himself his "homie", he lied and said "If you demote yourself, we won't ban you". Douglas was banned afterwards.
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