Jacob Rees-Mogg is a UK politician who is the MP for North East Somerset. He also had an interest in hurricanes until he was banned from HHW in November 2017 for expressing distasteful right wing views. At the time Jacob was actually Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Jacob made friends with a HHW member of 5 years, Rachel. Rachel got banned for being friends with such a despicable politician. The HHW elite then continued to turn HHW land into a dictatorship.

Early History (October-November 2017)

Jacob (at that point called Jeremy) found a website called Hypothetical Hurricanes after looking at websites because Ophelia devastated his garden. His fence was knocked down! Oh no! Such a horrific storm. RETIRE IT NOW OR I WILL SINK YOUR BOATS NHC! He got an obsession with eggs are they were random and funny xd. Then, in November 2017 he got warned for putting a middle finger emoji on Tennis Player Roger Federer's post at closing down the fanfics server! OH NO! To be honest, Jeremy shouldn't have done that, it is not nice to be rude to millionaires. He then changed his name to "Deport Muslims" on another server! OH NO!!!!!! HOW DARE JEREMY EXPRESS AN OPINION! (He was an e d g y b o i) Then, the fun began.

The "Great War" begins (November 2017)

The "Great War" (Name coined by GloriouslyBlonde) began when Jeremy befriended HHW member of 5 years Rachel. Rachel was then banned for being friends with Jeremy!!! What a despicable crime!!!!! AlertIowa1234, one of the presidents of Tornado Land, showed Jeremy something called chocolate. Jeremy then asked HHW to forgive him by giving them chocolate on their discord server. They didn't like the chocolate. Meanwhile, Jeremy became the Secretary for Discord in Tornado Land, one of the great offices of state. He quickly got fired because Iowa got bored of the chocolate. Meanwhile, Jeremy became Vice President in Internet Sh*thole land, a place HHW would soon attempt to invade.

President Holland (December 2017)

Meanwhile in Tornado Land, President Holland was getting increasingly angry at Jeremy's actions. President Holland was a vampire with a fetish for google blobs. He pressed the nuclear button with one hand while using his special stick on a google blob slave. The nukes were flying towards Sh*thole Land, aimed to kill Rachel and make sure she never went to HHW land again. She survived the blast but was too injured to ever return to HHW land. Meanwhile, forces were invading Sh*thole Land. Who were these people? President Holland, President of Tornado Land, Karl Marx, Former President of HHW and incumbent Secretary for Communism in Events Island, HurricaneTracker, an irrelevant person who just wanted to be Secretary of Communism, and GloriouslyBlonde, a weeb who thought he was important. He was actually a sockpuppet of a blocked user. The sh*thole forces were much stronger, 80 vs 3-6, and they won easily.

The Break (January 2018)

There was a brief ceasefire for the month of January. HHW were too busy dealing with Sam76, an evil user who was 10 years old. HHW decided it would be a great idea to write child porn about Sam. Meanwhile, Karl Marx was writing some sick tunes dissing Jeremy. They would have a crappy rap battle the next month. At the end of this month Jeremy regenerated into Jacob Rees-Mogg.

HHW Exposed (February 2018)

A spy got into HHW's discord in February. They found some despicable child porn about Sam. Let's place it here.

“Jacob licked Sam's donut hole. Jacob loved how Sam's rod dangled in between his big bulky legs. It reminded Jacob of the day he found his Nan hanging from the ceiling. He was very pleased by Sam's dangly rod”

The Sh*thole forces were enraged by this and staged a military invasion of HHW's discord. Meanwhile, President Holland was trying to get Jacob's government ID for unknown reasons. The military invasion failed although there may be another one at a later time depending on what HHW does.

The fall of GloriouslyBlonde and The Truce (March 2018)

March started by Jacob reporting GloriouslyBlonde for being a sockpuppet of a globalled user. Apparently it was false accusations so a random person called Toby Lee Rogers reported Jacob by praying to some random God. No one knew Toby and he was probably emotionally manipulated by President Holland and Ben to do this. Blonde got unbanned after a brief ban and a truce was created between the 2 forces. However, HTW still attempted to get Jacob banished from the universe so the truce was broken. HTW closed relations once again after Jacob called Dane out for being a communist again. Meanwhile, on Hurricane Island, Jacob was trying to say hello to someone called Steve. HOW DARE HE!!!???? He got banished from Hurricane Island for no reason shortly after.

The End (March 2018)

In March 2018, Jacob got sick of all of this and cut off all ties with Rachel. Her friends won't go away though and constantly DM him. She shortly got sh*thole land to attack him. HEW land let him in for shelter and he was very thankful. He's learned the true nature of Rachel and is now on their side.

The end to my non biased story.

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