Permissive Party
December 6, 2016
Former Members
Party color
Dark Red

The Permissive Party is a Hypothetical Hurricanes political party. The party was officially founded on December 6th, 2016, after former EFU member DarrenDude broke away from the union to form his own party. The party was officially terminated on December 28th, 2016, after the founder joined the Progressive Party.


The Permissive party is build on freedom and open mindedness of HHW users. Below are a lost of more specific policies.


  • Spamming is legal in chat, however is not permitted in pages.
  • Spamfests are allowed in chat
  • Spamfests can only take place if 3 or more users want to spam. The Spamfests can last until the majority of the chat agrees that it needs to end.

Wikia Decisions

  • All users ideas should be taken into some sort of consideration, no matter what staff ranking they have.
  • Admins handle small decisions/promotions/demotions, or other small subjects. However in the event of large changes/decisions, the community must agree with the administrators decision(s).
  • All users have the right to see rules/changes to the wikia's policies.
  • Changes have the right to be appealed. This goes for all rules as well. However, administrators removal of a certain policy may be closed.


  • Users that violate wikia policies will be punished depending on the severity of the offense.
  • It is the administrators decision to determine the appropriate punishment for a user.
  • This can range from a warning to an infinite block.
  • Underage users will be blocked from the wikia untill they comply with COPPA.
  • Users may be blocked due to behavior on other wikias.
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