Planet Layten is a mystery TV show starring Hurricane Layten. It shows Hurricane Layten's life as the charismatic dictator of the planet "Dini A6669A4-A". It premiered on April 9, 2016, and airs weekly at 8:00 PM EDT on Wednesday evenings.


Layten is the dictator of a planet, so, he has to control things and make the planet stable by doing some weird things, such as accusing nice people of "vandalism", max out his thousands of "unlimited" victim cards, accuse people of "abusing" him, say that evading is a ban is not sockpupeeting, stay awake 24/7 for exactly no reason, make people believe he is innocent, say that "nothing is an option", promote people for no reason, absolutely hate the HHW community, believe that only Bob and Hype are good HHW admins (the rest is "bent"), have a weird fetish for the magenta color and customized Google blobs (seriously who is that obsessed with blobs and magenta. Layten, get a life!), believe that he is innocent in 100% of the cases, call the HHW admins "liars" and "scammers" when doing a prank (despite doing a prank only weeks later), hope for the so-called "cow case", get drunk for fun, violate the HHW policies as a "joke", bribe people and influence in HHW admin decisions (such as investigating users).

Layten was previously only in power from 08:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC, and was not seen outside of this time, and did not work on weekends. Planet Layten was closed on weekdays after 17:00 UTC and was always closed on weekends. However, these days, Planet Layten is open 24/7 for no reason. Rumor has it that a rainbow-colored Google blob with a cringe face wanders the planet (and some say it's Layten).


Dini A6669A4-A's locations.

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