Silent Chat: Secrets, is a first-person psychological survival horror video game directed by AGirlCalledKeranique in collaboration with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, developed by HHW Studios, and published by Konami.


Then game starts with camp worker Keranique at chat during "the camp", but she realizes the chat is dead. She then goes to sleep, but then starts seeing shadows. Keranique decides to scan the area, and eventually meets a mysterious man, who decides to help her find the secrets of the dead chatroom.

Her first mission is to locate tech-genius Alan, who was one of the few that knew the secret of the dead chatroom. Keranique finds Alan in a town nearby, and both join forces together to discover more secrets.

Her second mission is to find a good impersonator, that can disguise as a Wikia Staff member. She then invites her friend Anna Kendrick (which is later revealed to be "Jskylinegtr") to help her.

But, in the process, she gains some enemies, who plan is to try and take her down. She also ends up encountering some characters from the first, second, third, and fifth, and sixth installments. Some try to help her, some try to sabotage her.


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