The ENSO Family is a sitcom featuring ENSO Neutral as the nanny of the family (their parents are on an extended business trip), The Cool La Niña as the twin sister of The Hot El Niño, who is cool, chill and nice, and loves the Atlantic Ocean. There is also The Hot El Niño, the twin brother of The Cool La Niña, who is hot, hyper and mean, and loves the Pacific Ocean.

This sitcom also features two adopted siblings who actually get along together pretty well, Modoki El Niño as the younger adopted twin brother, and Modoki La Niña as the younger adopted twin sister.

This story takes about how they can control the hurricane seasons in the Pacific and the Atlantic. This show also features comedy, and they usually get into accidents in most episodes.


  • ENSO Neutral - ENSO Neutral is the genderless guardian figure of the two twin brother/sister, El Nino and La Nina.
  • El Nino - A mean, fiery boy who wants to heat up the Pacific Ocean to produce Pacific hurricanes.
  • La Nina - A chill, cool girl who wants to cool down the Pacific Ocean to produce Atlantic hurricanes.
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