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Damon Georgia is a 10-year-old boy living in the town of Douglasville, Georgia. On March 16, 2014, he stumbles upon a Wikia website Called "Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki". He joins the wiki, under the account "Cyclone info". "Cyclone info" is a 10-year-old boy by the name of Damon Georgia, that lives in Douglasville, Georgia. So, anyway, he eventually decides to vandalize pages. The head bureaucrat there, MegacaneMan, blocks him for 3 years in May 2014.

But in March 2015, he realizes he can still make edits through his IP!

He continues to make more text-only seasons, with storms killing quadrillions of people. At this time, it likely wasn't known that this anonymous user was indeed Cyclone info.

In June, MegacaneMan unblocks Cyclone info. However, he does not use the account, he continues anonymously contributing. That is, until August. In August, he returns to his Cyclone info account, and begins to make more hurricane seasons, slightly improving in quality, now often featuring pictures.

He quickly climbs the user rights ladder, becoming chat mod, junior admin, and eventually admin by the end of August.

But then, on August 29th, a user named Daniel Harrell, chosing the username CycloneMonster (now known as (HurricaneCynebald) joins HHW.

On September 6th, Damon applies to become a bureaucrat on HHW, just one month after rejoining under his account. His RFB is successful, and becomes a bureaucrat of HHW. So, several new users join during September, including Billnelson, BananaMaster, and Ellaaeliza601.

On September 9th, CycloneMonster decides to contact our HHW bureaucrat MegacaneMan about the behavior of the newest bureaucrat, Cyclone info.

On September 25th, an HHW user by the name of "HurricanePatricia" decides to retire the name "Damon" in one of his hurricane seasons. Cyclone info (Damon) feels insulted by this, and he decides to kick HurricanePatricia from chat for retiring the name Damon.

Damon then says that it should be a wiki rule to not retire the name Damon. However, CycloneMonster responds with one of his most famous quotes, "This wiki does NOT revolve around Damon, Damon, Damon". Damon argues with CycloneMonster for a while...eventually ending in Damon saying he wants to "slay" CycloneMonster and MegacaneMan.

Another HHW user, BananaMaster (known IRL as Fred Michaels), was in HHW chat at the same time. He told both users to calm down.

So, CycloneMonster organizes a plan to ban Damon, alongside new users ArthurC-4, Ellaeliza601 as well as BananaMaster, who was also present during the discussion. MegacaneMan was also involved.

On September 27th, ArthurC-4 begins to attempt to block Damon. Damon, however, is a bureaucrat and unbans himself, eliciting negative reactions from several users.


  • Damon Georgia
  • Daniel Harrell
  • "Ella"
  • Arthur
  • Alex
  • Fred Michaels
  • Bill Nelson
  • Darrel Flynn
  • Larry
  • Marvin
  • "MegacaneMan"
  • "HurricanePatricia"
  • "GarnetRojoSlam"
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