The Story of Sam is an upcoming comedy-drama film, and the fifth installment to The Story of saga. This film stars a new character - Sam, AKA Sam76, not previously seen in the other four films. Many of the characters in the previous films reprise their roles in this film.


The film starts on July 22, 2017, when a new user named Sam joins the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW) under the username of "Theplaneboy878." He edits two pages without permission, and HHW bureaucrat BananaMaster (Fred Michaels) reverts his two edits. Sam is irritated by this, and posts on Fred's wall that he "sunk two of his boats." Fred explains that users must only edit on other users' pages with permission of the author, except in the case of minor grammar and spelling edits. Sam apologizes to Fred.

Sam then starts to make a lot of edits in forums and comments, and eventually reaches 25 edits - the tropical userpression threshold for HHW. Sam asks HHW bureaucrat Billnelson if he can become a tropical userpression. Billnelson explains to Sam that advisories are only released on Fridays, and that the user must stay on the wiki for a while to have advisories initiated. Sam is heavily irritated by this and threatens to kill Billnelson if he does not make Sam a tropical userstorm.

Sam creates a new account - Sam76 - after HHW bureaucrat Money Typhoon posted a message on his wall that his behavior has been "less than mature." After making several edits over the next day or so, Sam76 disappears for about a month.

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