The Truth and Justice Union
December 29, 2016
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The Truth and Justice Union is a political party of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. It was founded on December 29, 2016 by Brickcraft1. Its main goals are to have more truth spoken, and more justice on the wiki. 

The party had been planned for a long amount of time by Brickcraft1, and planned to found it sometime after the 2016 Bureaucratic Election, but once he became administrator on Hypothetical Hurricanes, and the election was postponed, he held off. He left the Edit Farmers Union, and joined the short lived Permissive Party, and once that was broken, he was no longer affilated with a party, and late on December 29, with permission from Hypothetical Hurricanes bureaucrat Bobnekaro, he founded the party, and is now in the presidents seat, and will remain in that seat unless he retires, is put up for impeachment, or is voted out with 100% of the popular vote. Brickcraft1 decided to abandon the party on February 19, 2017



  • Spamming on the wiki's chat is approved by this party, and support it constantly
  • Spamming anywhere else, such as articles or comments on pages, is frowned apon by this party
  • As believe that spamfests shouldn't have to be declared by an admin, rather to let them spontaneously occur

Actions We Oppose

  • The party is opposed to all types of bullying on the wiki. Bullying members should be given ONE warning to stop, and if a staff member begins to bully, they should be demoted.
  • The party is opposed to all vulgar language (aka profanity, cuss words, etc.) Anyone using this language should be kicked from chat, and if it continues, should be blocked
  • The act of telling a lie. As the Truth and Justice Union, we oppose any lies about a user, an action a user took, and if any party member is found to be lying, they will be put under watch, and if it happens again, they will no longer be part of the party.

Executive Positions



The presidents role is to maintain and keep the party under control, as well as appoint all positions. He/she may also issue executive orders, if approved by the vice president. The president can stay in power for life. He/she can be removed by either retiring, or being removed. The representatives (aka people appointed to vote) may also impeach him/her, as well as having a vote, and the president can only be removed by this method if only 100%, or all members, agree. President- Brickcraft1

Vice President- Vacant Seat

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