The War of 2018 was a war that expanded across HHW and HEW, which would later be important through out the story. The war lasted till June 15, in which the allies of HHW and HEW take on HurricaneTracker, a discouraged vandal that would later end up in trouble by both wikis. Some other people was in the war, but nothing was very digital, it just ended. The official war began on 2017, with Fester and Rara sockpuppeting until Fester quit, but 2018 saw HurricaneTracker's year of socks


HurricaneTracker gets banned from both the discord and the wiki, and later some random guy went to his DM's and asked for help against HHW, and offered a VPN. This conversation would later be important to the outcome of the war. Of course, he refused the offer, but he later got a VPN and started to create his accounts


The first 10 socks were nothing digital, just some random spam, but that would not last a very long time, as in January 2018, he would later quit and take a break from the wiki. April 1st, 2018, saw his rebirth of his sock puppets, with the account of "Its been 17 years" and vandalized a few pages before the block. He would later stop till May, in which he really started to spam socks every single day, he would create 20 socks on the wiki, until June 15, in which he broke all socks and continued to do his buisness


HurricaneTracker quit all socks and continued creating articles in the Future wiki before receiving a block, which would later start a Future civil war. He is now editing on Future under another account

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