The World of HHW is full of, Another Underged User, Let's keep them!, Douglas, spam, Yolo is back, Angry Birds pf pics, Hurricane news, Cardozo, 162, "You have 10 edits! Congrats on getting chat moderator!", your makeing me angery, using ` instead of ', pool seasons, Lake Michigan cyclone seasons, Michelle-Mary rivalry, "i`m gonna slay you", "make me beurecat now!", another 8 year-old joined, Let's have 14 bureaucrats!, HurricaneMonster, "EF5 is mature for age 10, oh crap he's banned.", "Let's get rid of all underage users before we're caught by wikia!", Douglas demotes himself, Puffle disappears, Puffle Returns, Puffle disappears again, Nkech becomes new leader, Blobbeh, Cookie Connoisseur, Profile Tags, Polar Cyclone seasons, Doug socks, Doug's "Mom", "Why are there only 4 bureaucrats now?", get rekt, Doug can't be retired, presidents of HHW

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