The world of HHW is full of "This user has a lot of potent- oh wait he's cancerous now", MC wave, MDR WARM UP, ObamaBone, I want ALBERTO, March Snow, #2018Exit, Cooperization, "Everyone, act mature! The admins are here!", forced typos, typoboi, Upvote if Gary is sad, Force Thirteen, NO OSCAR, Sports-snow-politics, The MDR cooled again, Karlton, Egbertville, Mindy City, Interesting, Gary broke his keyboard again, 2018 might be trash, 2018 downcasting, Beryl, Chris, JULY is great again!, open the server, MH OPEN THE SERVER, topecca, Gary died again, Will SM join MC?, Doorspamming, sad, keg, kekir, cecilianaphone, dead meme, triple gay, no u, reverse, shut it homo, despacito, ligma, sugondese, Another EPAC major, Another wave went poof, "2013 repeat?", L1G is dead, HT socked again, #DramaAlert, another subtropics storm!, Jose was an oversized C3, cockroach milk, delet, 2013, fale news, fake news, real news, quite unfortunate, frick, "HEY NO SWEARING IN THIS CHRISTIAN SERVER", screensh*t, k Mario pls, Humps, oh look shtev returned, Fanfics, Fanfics are banned. Sad!, Stacy, Dorian, endless Patty and Humberto roleplay, HH disappeared again. Sad!, Tomodapple, Apple will hit Farm as a C5!, yaas Fernand yaas Cube, Michael, time to delet, yesn't, oogertime, owo, hey i look sexy, LiquifiedBone, Hurricane Chasers, Invest 99L, danke, Olo, big talent, i`m bereaucrat deal with it, #SwitchFlip, Mainecroft, Galary, Sally and Patty, Tomodachi fan, Alpha, The usercane season is sick again, 2018 = 1994, #SwitchFlop, Lane, fat cat garfielf, Blurple, Discord, Educare, Beetroot dragon, France wins the world cup!, yeet, hit that mfin yeet, Cheri, theg, THG retired, El Niño, ugh Alberto PLS, Farm and MH gets a birthday hurricane! Yay!, Lockdown, oof, columbia jokes, white whales, Vajonica, Berly, girl problems, Douglas returned! :O, Twin Cities, Cooper wants OSCAR now, Hey! EPAC will beat 1992 in ACE!, Mangkhut, Florence, 155 mph Michael, THG returned, Sass returned, commieblocks, ceciliana megaphone, ultrakek, megasad, Failma, Gilma = Ligma, sneaux, #NoShowForBob, epic, vogonki, fortec, yes ente, moon mist, Bieber, hedleski, chungus

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