Undercover Boss - Hypothetical Hurricanes Wikia is a current branch of TV show that is going on right now in the "Undercover Boss" franchise. It airs every night for a month, but then varies to every other day.


This stars a user known as Hypercane, who goes undercover as a new user called "Cyclone Gala" for three months before revealing himself. This shows the crazy shenanigans that go on around HHW, as he makes seasons. The users suspect at the end that it may be not a new user, but actually someone else. AGirlCalledKeranique was the only one who knew it was Hypercane. There are many crazy things that happen during that, and he has to decide during crazy certain things.


Season 1

Episode Airdate Title Summary Views (Millions)
1 April 10, 2016 First Day On The Job Hypercane goes undercover to see what the admins do when he is gone, under the identity of Cyclone Gala. 4.8
2 April 11, 2016 Crazy Shenanigans Hypercane (Cyclone Gala) is on his second day, when an unexpected vandal arrives. Will he have to reveal himself? 2.1
3 April 12, 2016 Season Drama Cyclone Gala is asked to collab with several other users on a season, and figures out he knows the infoboxes. Will this increase his chances of being suspected? 8.3
4 April 13, 2016 Craziness Cyclone Gala enters a different chat to meet with another antagonist-- Douglas, who changed his IP. Will he have to reveal his identity to stand up to him once and for all? 4.7
5 April 14, 2016 Day of Relaxing Cyclone Gala finally has a nice day of relaxing, where he can just chat. Then, Azure overuses it. Will he figure out how to use the bot? 0.7
6 April 15, 2016 He Returns Cyclone Gala is on a random wikia when he gets a mysterious message from Kool threatening to bring down HHW for all. 9.3
7 April 16, 2016 Uh Oh! Cyclone Gala posts about how he got a 90% in his astronomy class. This raises suspicion that he is a sockpuppet of a user. Will he be found guilty? 10.6
8 April 17, 2016 Deal With It Cyclone Gala attempts to stop people from talking about things offtopic, such as politics. One user gangs up on him. Unknown
9 April 18, 2016 Finale - Part 1 Cyclone Gala noticed that nobody has made an edit for almost the entire day. He finds a user called Satlin Haa in the chat. 17.2
10 April 19, 2016 Finale - Part 2 Cyclone Gala talks to him, but he says one phrase. Then, chat suddenly fills up, with all the users on HHW saying the same thing. 17.3
11 April 20, 2016 Make The Atlantic Great Again Bobnekaro says "Make The Atlantic Great Again", and Cyclone Gala strongly supports it. Gala is also seen editing another wiki outside of HHW that Hypercane founded, continuing to raise the suspicion. 14.1
12 April 21, 2016 Wiki War Cyclone Gala is in chat with several other users when someone in the chat gets a message from a blocked user, forcing them to go there. Eventually, they go to the JoshStuff wiki to meet with the blocked user, Emmaelise401. Emma wonders who the new user is, and wonders why Hypercane isn't here. 10.6
13 April 22, 2016 Low Payjobs Cyclone Gala sees that the staff is acting extremely lazy today; they are acting like they aren't getting paid. Cyclone Gala feels like standing up, but doesn't want to reveal it. 7.3
14 April 23, 2016 Burning Man NOTE: This title has nothing related to a burning man. Cyclone Gala ends up in the middle of a giant wiki war again on the wiki, resulting in one unexpected user to get blocked and everyone except Cyclone Gala getting warnings by the other bureaucrat who was recently promoted, CycloneRyne94. 8.3
15 April 24, 2016 Time to Vacation! Cyclone Gala and the others decide to spend a virtual vacation in the caribbean, when a virtual hurricane hits. They are stuck in the simulator, what will they do? 9.5
16 April 25, 2016 Saturday, Sunday Cyclone Gala notices that he is being filmed and acts extremely weird. People are thinking he is going insane, but he tries to tell them, but they won't believe them. This takes place overnight on Saturday to Sunday. 11.2
17 April 26, 2016 Douglas Douglas returns under a fake identity, however Cyclone Gala immediately knows it is him, however the others are fooled. It is like they are being hypnotized. He will have to figure out how to break the curse as he vandalizes other peoples seasons. 9.2
18 April 27, 2016 Relax Again! Cyclone Gala and the others just relax, as waiting music plays in the background. Nothing really happens in the episode, and there were literally no viewers. 0.1
19 April 28, 2016 History Cyclone Gala goes back in history to relive what it was like to be on Hypothetical Hurricanes wikia back when it was founded in 2010 by Sjmaven1993. 10.5
20 April 29, 2016 The Hurricane Bonnie unexpectedly forms and makes landfall in several places where HHW users live, causing no more edits. This is a sad event. 3.1
21 April 30, 2016 The Atlantic is Great Again Nkechinyer finally starts to support the Atlantic again, and Cyclone Gala is happy for him. 2.7
22 May 1, 2016 The Grand Return of Steve820 Steve820 returns to HHW, but is extremely disappointed when he discovers that Hypercane is no longer there. Steve says he will only stay if Hypercane is there. Will Cyclone Gala have to reveal his identity to get Steve to stay? 16.3
23 May 2, 2016 Reunion Just as Steve returns, other notable users return, such as YFOTL, Sjmaven, Rara, and more users. Everyone is happy. No underage users. 25.3
24 May 3, 2016 Theme Change Everyone decides to change the theme to Alex, but it starts to haunt them, including editing seasons that were never documented. Eventually, they get rid of it. 19.6
25 May 4, 2016 Finale 2 Douglas and Kool have teamed up and begin vandalizing seasons. They can't be simply blocked. They say unless Hypercane blocks them, they will keep returning.

Season 2

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